Johnson Wire Rope Sheaves/Pulleys

Wire Rope Sheaves

Gunnebo Johnson Corporation furnishes ForgeFab™ sheaves both as popular products in their own right and as the original equipment most preferred by major O.E.M. accounts.

ForgeFab™ customers are made up of Original Equipment Manufacturers, leading distributors, and our own Gunnebo Johnson Corporation. Through them, the product finds its way into all types of equipment from mobile cranes to overhead cranes…all types of applications from lifting drill pipe to opening dam gates…all types of industries from mining to marine, logging to construction.


Wire Rope Sheaves

  • 3 through 72-inch sheave diameters.
  • 1/4 through 3 inch wire rope sizes*
  • 4 to 1 design factor**
  • Plain bore (no bearings, bronze bushing, roller bearing without inner race, roller bearing with inner race, and tapered roller bearing types.
  • Cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel and ForgeFab™ roll-forged steel plate material types.
  • 3/4 through 5-inch hub widths.(Standard; Larger sizes upon request)
  • Flame hardened grooves to minimum Rockwell “C” 35 on all sheaves 16 inches and larger.

*Accompanying tables to this section give Minimum and Maximum allowable wire rope sizes for each sheave. Gunnebo Johnson will furnish sheaves with grooves to any specification within the Minimum and Maximum range at no extra charge.

** 4 to 1 design factor based on Working Load Limit of 6 x 25 filler wire Type W IWRC (Independent Wire Rope Core) IPS hoisting rope as it applies to the Maximum size listed under conditions of 180° wrap.

Optional (Price on Application)

  • Custom designs to 108 inches O.D. available.
  • Flame hardened grooves on sheaves with less than 16-inch Outside Diameter.
  • Corrosion-resistant coatings available.
  • Hub-located grease fittings.
  • Modifications as required to API and other applicable industry standards.
  • Special shafts furnished for any sheave listed.

Sheaves by Gunnebo Johnson fall into two major categories.

First is our wide range of conventional cast steel and ductile iron sheaves which range in size from 3 to 14 inches in O.D.

Second is the revolutionary ForgeFab™ – a superior strength line of wire rope sheaves which can be supplied without long delays – and at savings from 15 to 50 percent over traditional cast versions.

ForgeFab™ grew out of a need for readily available sheaves at a reasonable cost.

Faced with increasing environmental restrictions, continuing material shortages and growing customer concern, we set out to find a better way. We started by developing our own specialized equipment. We ended up with an entirely new patented process. One which did its job without castings, and did it in far less time.

Each ForgeFab™ sheave begins as a computer driven, precision disc cut from proprietary chemistry alloy steel plate. The steel disc is heated to forging temperature and its edge rotated against a system of staged rollers to forge the sheave rim and wire rope groove.

A precisely machined hub is arc welded to the forged disc. A variety of welding techniques is used, including: fillet, submerged arc, partial penetration and full penetration, depending upon application. The result – a precision built ForgeFab™ sheave whose integral web/rim design is much stronger.

ForgeFab™ Sheaves are currently offered in sizes 16 through 72 inches, with flame hardened grooves standard on all sizes 16 inches and above.