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Swivels keep the wire rope from transferring its normal twisting motion to the item being lifted.

Following a tendency to unwind itself, a wire rope line, when extended, will cause its load to rotate. Thus, there is a  need for some form of intermediate fitting which will allow the rope to take its natural course without affecting the load.

Gunnebo Johnson Corporation offers a variety of swivel types ranging from 3 through 30 tons.

Simple, compact, these units are engineered for long life and reasonable cost. Standard are eye-hook, jaw-hook, eye-eye, jaw-eye, jaw-jaw, and eye-jaw models. With features that include roller thrust bearings…recessed grease fittings…hooks of drop forged steel.

Every swivel carries both a Tonnage Rating Plate and a Safety Precautions Plate.

The Safety Precautions Plate serves as an operational guide to safe working practices. The Tonnage Rating Plate is included as a means of product qualification and identification. It is to this plate that the operator looks for information on product model number, as well as Working Load Limit.

Custom alternatives can help the customer meet special requirements.

One of the reasons for this company’s continued growth is its strong technical base. We are metallurgical design specialist. Typical of our ability to design and fabricate to exceptional criteria was the mammoth swivel created for a specific one-time application. The end product had better than a 1,200-ton capacity at a 4 to 1 design factor. Over 12 feet in height, it weighed 19,800 pounds.

Note that the repair of standard Gunnebo Johnson Corporation swivels is not recommended under field conditions. Instead, call Customer Service to discuss the specifics. Then, return the swivel, intact, for a prompt repair cost estimate.

For more information, please contact a sales representative.