Custom Engineered Lifting Products

Custom engineering is a Gunnebo Johnson specialty. We provide quotation and product delivery of custom engineered blocks, as well as a wide variety of lifting tackle, in the shortest time possible. Gunnebo Johnson custom engineered lifting blocks are available to 3000 tons and above capacity with the design factor to your specifications. On-site proof testing is available to 500 tons, with higher load proof testing available off-site, (price on application).

Bottom Fitting Options:
• Single barb hooks
• Fixed shackles
• Duplex hooks
• Swivel shackles
• Quad hooks
• Custom fabricated fittings

Corrosion-resistant Finishes Available:
• Zinc plating
• Dimetcote No. 3 & 6; three part marine epoxy
• Hot dip galvanized & carbozinc 11
• Various Mil Specs.