Cheek Weight Kits

Shorty “J” cast iron cheek weights supply the extra downfall weight which block and line often need to overcome the combined friction of sheave bearings, winch, and boom tip. They are offered in the largest variety of sizes available – at least two per each size block – and are specifically contoured to resist hang-up and to provide an extra low center of gravity. Far more economical than plate steel weights, they are completely detachable and can be added or removed as conditions demand.

Kit consists of: 2 each cast iron cheek weights; 2 each tie bolts, with nuts, to size; cap screws and lock washers are required; 1 each ton rating name plate and cautions plate.

Block Size (O.D.) B Kit (Lbs) C Kit (Lbs)
10 74
12 125 277
14AB 109
14 185 349
16 165 311
18 237 375
20 312 656
24 757 1,179
30 1,325 2,050

*For high vibration applications, specify Plate Steel Cheek Weights to size.
Prices on application.

When Ordering Please Specify:

Cheek Weight Kit desired ·Complete Block Model Number ·Block Serial Number ·Wire Rope Size<
Example: “One 12-inch ‘C’ Cheek Weight Kit for Block J-15T12RTA, Serial Number 16574, 1/2-inch Wire Rope”