Anti-Rotating Locking Device

Applicable to both hooks and swivel shackles, the anti-rotation device locks the fitting in the fixed position desired. Two types of these swivel locks are offered: a screw type, which is hand-turned directly into the hook nut (4 position); and a spring-loaded plunger type which snaps into the bottom of the hook housing (8 position).

Shorty “J” anti-rotation devices are available on new blocks or on blocks which have been returned to the plant for retrofit.

J-Block Tonnage Number of Sheaves Locking Device Type Weight (Lbs)
25-70 1,2 SCREW 4
50-80 3-up PLUNGER 16
90-110 3-up PLUNGER 19
115-140 3-up PLUNGER 32
150-165 3-up PLUNGER 32
200-250 3-up PLUNGER 64
300-350 3-up PLUNGER 82

When Ordering Please Specify:

ON NEW BLOCKS – Anti-Rotation Device to be specified as part of product description

ON PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED BLOCKS – Indicate Block Model Number and Serial Number.