Shorty J-Crane Blocks

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Shorty “J” Crane Blocks

The Shorty “J” is one of today’s most popular crane blocks. And for good reason.
The J-Block can be used with nearly all types of mobile cranes, truck cranes, overhead cranes, hydraulic and cable cranes. Another reason has to do with our customers, which fall into two basic categories: a global distributor network and leading crane manufacturers worldwide.

Finally, there is the outstanding combination of product advantages which are inherent in the Shorty “J”.


  • 5 through 400-ton capacities
  • 4 to 1 design factor
  • 1 through 9 sheave models
  • 10 through 30-inch sheave diameters
  • Reeving guides, all models
  • Heavy duty “J” latches – 3 through 300 tons
  • Bronze bushed, roller bearing and tapered roller bearing sheaves
  • Direct-channel sheave bearing lubrication through center pin
  • Flame-hardened grooves on sheave sizes 16 inch diameter and up
  • Dual-action (swing/swivel) roller thrust bearing hooks
  • Forged steel hooks – 5 through 30 tons
  • Cast alloy steel hooks – 40 through 800 tons
  • Cast alloy steel duplex hooks – 80 through 450 tons
  • Fully protective side plates
  • Center plate and tie bolt containment of wire rope
  • Total disassembly capability
  • Stainless safety precautions plate
  • Stainless WLL rating name plate with serial number
  • Each crane block is serialized and stamped into the side plate
  • A comprehensive packet of safety, warranty, care and maintenance information is attached to each Johnson product.


  • Forged steel hooks – 40 through 800 tons
  • Cast alloy steel duplex hooks with J-latch standard on some models – 80 through 800 tons
  • Forged steel duplex hooks
  • Anti-rotation locking devices, all models
  • Swivel safety anchor shackles, all models
  • Sheave shrouds, all models
  • Detachable cast iron cheek weights, all models
  • Detachable steel plate cheek weights
  • Pull test and Certification
  • Radiograph, magnetic particle, and other non-destructive testing to specification designated by customer
  • Shorty “J” represents the broadest line of standard crane blocks in the industry.
  • In all,  Gunnebo Johnson Corporation manufactures more than 1500 models of crane blocks, not including options. To our customers, this means a better chance we’ll have exactly what the end-user requires.

Gunnebo Johnson Corporation believes in keeping the “extras” extra.
In some makes of blocks certain “extras” are a standard part of the equipment – take it or leave it. With the Shorty “J” however, the user pays only for those options which will make a definite contribution to the job requirement.

J-Block’s dual-action hook makes it easier to load.

Gunnebo Johnson’s Shorty “J” series includes a housing that enables the hook to swing, as well as swivel. This is just one of the reasons why the Shorty “J” is one of the easiest blocks in the field to use.

The construction of the Shorty “J” adds to its field convenience.

Gunnebo Johnson Corporation design makes allowance for inevitable maintenance. The construction of the J-Block is basically “pin and nut,” which means that it is capable of being either partially or wholly dismantled. All that is required to change out a hook, for example, is the removal of a single set screw or dual capscrews and hook nut. Even sheave replacement can be accomplished with only minor partial disassembly.

Shorty “J” construction makes a difference, too, in the protection it affords the sheaves.
The design keeps the sheaves from coming into contact with anything but the center pin and wire rope. We accomplish this, in part, through the addition of center plates. It is these center separator plates which protect our sheaves, not only from frontal abuse, but from abrasive contact with one another.

Convenient and positive lubrication is assured for each sheave by way of the center pin.
With the Shorty “J”, we eliminate all disadvantages of sheave lubrication. First, because we lubricate through recessed grease fittings in the ends of the center pin. Secondly, because we lubricate each bearing individually by means of independent lube channels in the center pin.

Stainless steel name plates provide valuable product and safe operating information.
The data supplied by the two name plates to be found on all Gunnebo Johnson Corporation products is the most complete in the industry. On the one plate are those precautions which will enable the user to get the most effective working life out of their block. On the other are all the details relating to the block’s identification and capacities, including  working load limit, design factor, model number, serial number, and rope size. (To supply options or repair parts applicable to your particular block, all the factory will generally need to know is the model number and the serial number.)

Each crane block is serialized with its serial number stamped into the side plate.

A comprehensive packet of information pertaining to  application and maintenance is attached to each block item  shipped by Gunnebo Johnson Corporation.

For more information, please contact a sales representative.