Johnson Block Products

  • Crane Blocks
  • Overhaul Balls
  • Swivels
  • Tilt Wall Blocks
  • Snatch Blocks
  • Oil Industry Blocks
  • Johnson Wire Rope Sheaves/Pulleys
  • Johnson Open Wedge Sockets
  • Custom Engineered Lifting Products
  • Johnson J-Latches
  • Johnson Forged Hooks
  • Parts & Service

What sets Gunnebo Johnson products above the rest?

Design Factor

All Gunnebo Johnson products are built to a minimum design factor best for their application – no averages, no exceptions. Gunnebo Johnson’s reputation for integrity is unmatched in the industry.

Standard Products

Gunnebo Johnson’s extensive line of standard products means the widest selection and the best delivery:

Crane Blocks– 5 to 450 tons, 1-9 sheaves
Hooks–5 to 800 tons, single & duplex
Snatch Blocks–2 to 30 tons
Overhaul Balls–3 to 30 tons
Swivels–3 to 30 tons
Bail Blocks–10 to 135 tons
Sheaves–3 to 72 inch O.D.
Wedge Sockets–3/8 to 1-1/2 inches

Custom Engineering

The World comes to Gunnebo Johnson for specialty designs. With unparalleled design expertise, if you have a need, we will provide solutions.  Examples include: 1,250 ton swivels, 3,000 ton tackle sets, specially adapted pile handling crane accessories, 108 inch drill string compensator sheave sets and more.

Technical Expertise

Flame Hardening, Spin Hardening, ForgeFab® Sheaves, Heat Treating, Structural Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Proof Load Testing – all carried out by industry experts at Gunnebo Johnson.


At Gunnebo Johnson, a strong team of experienced employees has one goal in mind – customer satisfaction. Year after year, Gunnebo Johnson people find ways to meet “impossible” deadlines, and to create unprecedented solutions to lifting problems. The sum of our employees’ long experience adds up to the reliability and confidence customers continue to count on every day.


Often talked about, often imitated, but only geniune Gunnebo Johnson products set the world class standard of excellence in lifting products and technology.

For more information, please contact a sales representative.