Shortening and Choking Device

  • Eye Grab, Cradle Type (OG)
  • Clevis Grab Hook, Cradle Type (GG)
  • Lockable Shortening Hook (GKL)
  • Sliding Choker Hook (LK)

Alloy Shortening and Choking Hooks

Gunnebo Lifting manufactures a variety of special Grade 80 & Grade 100 alloy steel hooks for use in shortening chain sling leg length and choking loads. Beginning with the traditional cradle grab, Gunnebo Lifting shortening solutions includes an additional shortening hook which locks the link into the cradle. Gunnebo Lifting also offers a grade 80 alloy steel sliding choker hook, which snuggly fits and holds a choked load of rebar, tubular goods, etc.

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