Self-Locking Hooks

  • Grip Latch Self Locking Eye Hook (OBK)
  • Grip Latch Self Locking Clevis Hook (GBK)
  • Grip Latch Swivel Bronze Bushing Hook (LBK)
  • Grip Latch, Ball Bearing Swivel (LKBK)
  • Eye Type (BK) Self-Locking Hook
  • Clevis Type (BKG) Self-Locking Hook
  • Swivel Bronze Bushing (BKL) Self-Locking Hook
  • Swivel with Ball Bearing (BKLK) Self-Locking Hook
  • Chain Hoist Self-Locking Hook with Swivel (BKH)

Alloy Self-Locking Hooks

A Gunnebo Lifting company first introduced the original European grade 80 alloy steel self-locking hook in 1965. The BK hook is now offered in a wide range of styles and sizes to provide a solution to most any lifting requirement.

The origional BK and new OBK (Grip Latch) family of Grade 80 & Grade 100 alloy steel self-locking hooks are so dependable that when properly maintained and used, these hooks will not open under load. In addition, each hook is held closed with a spring-loaded latch. Connecting options for the self-locking family of alloy steel hooks include traditional G-Link connectors, clevis connectors, eyes for wire rope thimbles, and BL or Berglok connectors.

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