Gunnebo Classic Alloy Chains and Fittings

  • Grades 80 & 100 Alloy Chain (KLB)
  • Coupling Links
  • Hooks For Lifting Slings
  • Shortening and Choking Device
  • Swivels and Swivel Systems
  • Master Links
  • SK System
  • Weld-on Hooks, Shackles, & Lifting Points
  • Sling Tags & Spare Parts

Your Partner in Safe Lifting

Think Gunnebo Lifting when selecting lifting chain and components.  Lifting is our business.  Gunnebo Lifting has become known for quality, down to the smallest component, as a result of over 200 years experience combined with systematic quality control and our own research and development laboratories.

Our chain and components are made from quenched and tempered alloy steel.  A guarantee for very high strength, low weight, high wear resistance, and long life.  All Gunnebo Lifting G80 and G100 components are uniformly marked with equivalent chain size, grade, and manufacturer’s designation for positive identification. 

All chain and each component is proof-loaded to 2 ½ times the Working Load Limit.  Individual inspection before delivery from our factories ensures high and consistent quality.

Chain and components are tested to destruction on a random sample basis from every production batch. Minimum breaking force = Maximum working load limit x Design Factor. Full test data is documented. The prescribed elongation for Gunnebo Lifting Grade 80 & Grade 100 Alloy chain is a minimum of 20%.

Additionally, finished products are subjected to testing to ensure the correct hardness levels. Cyclical loading tests are also carried out to simulate the fatigue effects that would be expected over many years of use. Grade 80 & Grade 100 alloy steel chain and components carry identification marks for full traceability back to the steel supplier for raw material analysis.

Quality to International Standards

We also work closely with our world markets and have official approval by the main national and international authorities including: MOD, NATO, BG, and many others.

All Gunnebo Lifting Grade 80 & Grade 100 Alloy Steel Chain is manufactured and tested to the requirements of ISO 1834 & 3076, 1984, and BS 4942, Parts 1 & 5, 1984, ASTM A391 and A906, and NACM 90. Gunnebo Lifting Grade 80 & Grade 100 Alloy Steel Chain is randomly subjected to bend testing across the weld to check material ductility and weld integrity. The link bend test is accomplished in the finished condition and meets test requirements of the EN 818 Standard. All components are matched to the Working Load Limits of the relevant chain size.

All Gunnebo Lifting Grade 80 & Grade 100 Alloy Steel Chain and Alloy Steel Components meet or exceed the safety standards as prescribed by AISI B30-9 and OSHA 1910-184 for slings.

Our Swedish factories are approved by Lloyd’s (LRQA) for quality assurance to ISO 9001. Our quality management covers all aspects of production from raw material to delivered product. LRQA approval for our system includes design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of lifting chains and associated components.

Full Test Certification is supplied upon request.

For more information, please contact a sales representative.