Typical GrabiQ Chain Slings

  • Single and Double Baskets
  • Top Grab - Adjustable Leg Chain Slings
  • Top Lok - Non Adjustable Assemblies

3 Styles of GrabiQ Top Assemblies

The GrabiQ Chain Sling System is unique because it reduces the number of alloy components required at the top of the sling.  With just a few components a wide range of sling configurations can be fabricated.  Instead of the normal 7 top fittings for a two-leg adjustable sling, GrabiQ has only 1 fitting to do the same job.  A GrabiQ 4-Leg adjustable has 3 top fittings instead of 15 required for a traditional system.

  • Adjustable leg slings called Top Grab
  • Non-Adjustable leg slings called Top Lok
  • Adjustable and Non-Adjustable Baskets

Specify your GrabiQ Chain Sling

1st        Select a top assembly 
2nd      Choose a bottom fitting to best reach your pick point
3rd        Decide on the over length or reach of your sling
4th        Contact your GrabiQ distributor.

For more information, please contact a sales representative.