Gunnebo Johnson Corporation leads the lifting industry with innovative designs and solutions for all types of lifting and recovery applications.  Our engineering department utilizes the latest tools such as 3D solid modeling software, finite element analysis and our own internally developed calculation programs to verify product performance and application suitability.  We have an experienced team of both Professional Engineers and Designers who combined offer hundreds of years of practical experience and industry knowledge.


Johnson’s commitment to Quality in our Products and Personnel is second to none.  Our in house expertise in the area of non-destructive testing focuses on continual improvement in our products incorporating magnetic particle inspection (MPI), X-Ray and Ultrasonic (UT) testing processes.  We have worked extensively with third party certification agencies including API, ABS, DNV, and Lloyds.  We are an ISO 9001:2008 facility and we are licensed to monogram our crane blocks and wire rope sheaves to API 2C, API 8A and API 8C specifications.


The Manufacturing team at Gunnebo Johnson Corporation works diligently to produce the finest blocks, sheaves, and swivels to meet a variety of industry applications.   Our key internal departments include: assembly, fabrication, machining, painting, roll forging, and welding processes.  Throughout the years we have and will continue to invest in capital equipment that improve our productivity and maintain our competitive position in the global markets.

 Customer Service

Gunnebo Johnson Corporation takes pride in offering unmatched service and sales support to our customers.  Our network of sales agents and strategically located warehouses offer excellent coverage and availability to process and fulfill customer orders quickly.   Simply put we value our customers and appreciate their loyal business.